The waiting game: don't upgrade those servers just yet

This scenario probably sounds familiar: your OEM sales rep has been calling with increasing frequency, reminding you of the vital importance of upgrading your servers. You might be able to ignore the phone calls at first, but eventually, you feel as though you will crack under the pressure to make an expensive purchase that the sales rep guarantees will save your business.

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Case Study: Microsoft and Media Sonar

Media Sonar is a London, Ont.-based startup that works with public safety organizations to help it mine social media and perform analytics in the interest of facilitating public safety investigations. The application Media Sonar provides allows public safety officials to select locations they want to monitor and then collect data related to those locations from a number of social media websites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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If you’re a tech type, you’re a conference type. Like it or not (and many don’t), you spend a lot of time at talk-ins on everything from the latest gizmos to the latest software to the latest forecasts. It’s by turns interesting and informative and, sometimes, a lot of fun.

And what it’s all about, in one single oversimplified word, is change. Or, more likely, CHANGE! Whether we’re talking driverless cars or 3D printing, it all points to CHANGE! And it’s all good.


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BYOD is no longer news. Whether officially permitted or not, employees are using personally-owned smart phones, tablets, and PCs for work. A study by Gartner last year found that 57% of knowledge workers who were provided with a company laptop also used a personal computer for business on a daily basis. We shouldn’t really be surprised; employees have been taking work home in electronic form for years. Bringing personal tech to work is simply an continuation of the same trend. Continue Reading  >>

Vic Bannner


It’s all about perspective: whether the cup is half full or half empty; whether you’re happy or sad. Richard Florida wrote in “Who’s your City” that where you live makes a difference and why you choose to live where you live is important. Continue Reading  >>

For the Technically Curious

Can Anyone Adopt Denmark's Innovation Strategy?

copenhagen thumbAccording to Mashable, Denmark has got the market cornered when it comes to innovation.

This article claims that Denmark has taken a leadership role in the knowledge economy. Author Denise Lu cites democratic values, a culture that places more emphasis on collaboration than hierarchy, and generous government benefits as fostering innovation.

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