Looking into IT’s crystal ball

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Mobility. Cloud computing. Security breaches. Hacking scandals. These were some of the top news items in the IT world during 2014. The industry saw a number of new developments that sought to change IT management and modernize the workplace, but there were also some issues that created significant challenges.

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Rethinking the workplace

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When most people think about office life, they think about commuting to a physical location to do work and collaborate with other people. While that still holds true, the workplace is evolving. The advent of mobile technology has enabled employees to maintain the same level of productivity while working at home, in the field or abroad.

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Mobile momentum

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It’s no secret that the workplace as we know it is evolving. Desks and chairs are rapidly being replaced by mobile technology that allows employees to do their work and stay connected, regardless of where they are. HP has been keeping a close eye on these developments, and has released several new products designed to promote and enhance workplace mobility.

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The Channel Corner

The route to better connectivity

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As the world of connectivity continues to evolve, so do the devices that facilitate proper connections. Routers are no exception to this rule, and a new release from TP-LINK seeks to simplify and expedite connecting to the Internet.

HP thinks small with new Mini Desktop

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Are the days of the desktop PC numbered?

Household life gets smarter

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It’s often said that home is where the heart is, but a series of new product releases from TP-LINK will transform homes to where the technology is.

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